"On Monday, July 23 at 6.40pm, at the top of Eastern Park Parade you hit my car and left behind your back bumper," writes Mary. "I am told it is from a Toyota Prada 1996 model. If you want it back, leave a phone number with Ana."


Lookalikes: Boxing trainer Kevin Barry and Kel Knight.
Lookalikes: Boxing trainer Kevin Barry and Kel Knight.

New word alert!

1. Sportswashing: Political observers are still weighing the impact of the Football World Cup on host country Russia. Some suggest such major sports events enable sportswashing, or as Jules Boykoff defined it for NBC News, "using mega-sports events to launder their reputations and distract from their horrific human-rights records".

2. Outercourse: In 2016, Brock Turner was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman at Stanford University - he served three months in jail and now is seeking an appeal, arguing he only wanted sexual "outercourse". The word was dredged up from the '80s for "non-penetrative sexual activity", but the judge wasn't buying it as a legit word.

Get off my lawn!

"It's a shame to read the negativity toward the mowing contractors. If they don't try to mow in difficult conditions, they get attacked for long grass. If they try to keep the grass down in the wet, they get attacked for that too."


Nice one, Barkers

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