Steve writes: "Dumped beside the Taupaki Reserve. Quite distinctive so hopefully someone will recognise this lot and therefore know the identity of the (expletive) that dumped it."

How to ask for a favour

1. Be direct. Most people are perceptive enough to tell when you're not saying what you want to say. This only makes them suspicious and impatient. Just be direct and say "I've got a favour to ask you." When they hear this, they feel needed (which makes them feel important) and it puts them in a position to be more benevolent.

2. Give a reason. Humans are more likely to say yes to a request if a reason is given - even if that reason doesn't make much sense. The word "because" actually triggers the automatic compliance response in humans. Plus, people generally like to know why they're being asked to do something.

3. Provide an opportunity for escape. Always offer the other person the opportunity to easily and graciously decline. This shows them you respect their time and this isn't a guilt trip. End your request with something like, "I understand if you can't do this now," or "Please don't feel obligated, if you aren't comfortable with this." Say this and mean it. Because a favour you aren't able to refuse isn't a favour at all. It's an order or a command.


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Nice analogy

Nice analogy.
Nice analogy.

Mooning about over lunar authenticity

Last week Tony queried the authenticity of the moon in Survivor New Zealand. He reckons it was "fake" and explained: "The bright side of the moon is lit by the sun so always faces the sun. Here it is facing up so the sun is up in the sky. But it's night so the sun isn't up." Mark Hanna (@honestuniverse) explains: "Lots of telescopes invert an image as well as zooming, so unless they use an extra lens to correct this you'll get a view of the moon like that. Here's an example of a photo of the moon I took through my telescope, which I can assure you is real."

The Survivor moon, left, is lit the same as in Mark Hanna's telescope.
The Survivor moon, left, is lit the same as in Mark Hanna's telescope.

Croc of…

High heeled crocs really do exist and you can have your very own pair for US $224. "I haven't worn heels in a long time. They are too painful," declares one owner. "I could literally run in these!"

Extreme embalming

Having your body preserved after death doing what the person loved is not everyone's idea of a fitting memorial to a lost loved one, but the family of the young man shot while walking his dog, had his body posed in his favorite activity while alive—playing a video game in his leather swivel chair, root beer and Doritos close at hand. Read more here.

Video pick

Leopard Slugs are Hermaphrodites. They mate by hanging mid-air on a mucous string and releasing a blue penis from the side of their head that blooms into a flower. Seeing is believing...

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