"We have just been watching a couple of young guys get their ute stuck in the vacant lot across from our office in Rosedale," writes Chris.

"Not sure why they went in, presumably it was to prove how capable their 4WD is ... after about five minutes of digging in they had to give up and walk away sheepishly."

Dangerous driving explained

The Automobile Association's Kiri Coughlan responds to the reader who spotted the driver of a SADD car discarding a cigarette on a petrol station forecourt.

"Six weeks ago the SADD team was gutted that one of their cars was stolen from outside Okura Bush Walkway on the North Shore. The news that the thief is a thoroughly bad egg and is using the car to drive dangerously is absolutely a kick in the guts for the team who rely on sponsorship to keep this student-led charity going to empower young people to make safer and better choices on the road.


If you could ask your readers to be on the lookout for the car, and to contact police if they see anything concerning, that would be really appreciated (they are understandably keen to get this driver off the road)."

Off the map

"I'm working with this lady at the time. Older woman. Kinda airheaded. It's at a group home. Dora the Explorer is on. Dora summons the map. Map pops out, all rolled up, and sings his signature number, which, as a reminder, goes a little like this:

'I'm the map I'm the map I'm the map I'm the map
I'm the map I'm the map I'm the map I'm the map
I'm the map I'm the map I'm the map I'm the map
I'm the map I'm the map I'm the MAP!!!'

And this peach of a co-worker, staring at the TV, says, 'What's that supposed to be, like a cigarette or something?"' (Via Reddit)

The good old days

A reader writes: "I can recall aged 9, in the early 50s, while biking down the Main St in Gisborne at 3am, being accosted by an irate milkman who accused me of pinching money out of milk bottles. I denied it, of course, and turned the pockets of my shorts out to prove I had nothing. I was actually biking down to the wharf to go out fishing for the day on the boat Lucia, on which my mate's older brother was a deckhand. They sailed about 3.30am to get out to the fishing grounds for a morning shot. I would spend the day helping to string fish and gutting flats. I would go out as often as allowed in those days. Naturally in later years I went fishing myself."

Even lady liberty is a slave to her notifications

Even Lady Liberty needs to check her social media.
Even Lady Liberty needs to check her social media.

"Recently I was in Times Square, New York where (like everywhere else) literally EVERYONE was on their phones," writes Vani Kapoor. "Then I saw this art ... maybe 'Digital Detox' is catching on."

Bra in car


Mummy, why is your bra in daddy's car?



What!? (The Mrs hit me wit a killer side eye.) Ain't no bra in my car!!


Ya huh, cup thingie with straps

*we all go to garage & look in car*


Video pick

David Dunning explains the Dunning-Kruger Effect, a cognitive bias in which people with lesser abilities tend to rate themselves as more proficient than they are.

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