Now that's a coincidence

Q: What's the most incredible coincidence that ever happened to you?

A: I found my husband with his lover on a beach. He wasn't supposed to be there. Neither was I. We didn't even live close to the beach. But I walked, straight towards him and immediately knew what was happening. I just kept walking and said "It's a small world". We were divorced 3 months later.

The worst advice you can give a teenager

1. You should drop out of school to focus on your band. That's where the money is.

2. Brushing teeth is a scam dentists set up out of boredom after failing real doctor school, your teeth will be healthier without brushing/flossing and the smell wears off after 36 hours.


3. Nothing that happens will ever be as important as what's going on in your life right now.

4. You are right, it's your parents who are wrong. (You have to treat them like they have brain injury, because their brain isn't developed yet).

5. The pull-out method works just as well as condoms.

6. Credit cards are basically free money!

7. The more make-up you wear, the more beautiful you will be.

8. Hormones don't affect you that much, you totally are in love with that girl you've never talked to.

9. Neck tattoos are cool.

10. No, you probably just haven't met the right [love interest] yet.


11. Harden up. You'll get over it ...

Catalyst for change

Westlake Girls High School librarian Megan Davidson responded to a tweet by Fault in Our Stars author John Green requesting bulk New Zealand 5c coins. His next book, Turtles All the Way Down, features a tuatara and he wants to use them as part of his book launch. Megan emailed Sideswipe and we asked readers to send in their old 5 cent coins. Well, so far she has been sent 4140 coins! "I have been overwhelmed with the response, and it's all thanks to Sideswipe. Most of the people donating coins have never heard of the author John Green, but they give them anyway because it's a Kiwi kind of thing to do. It warms my heart," says Megan, who is hoping this gesture will motivate Green to come to the Auckland Writer's Festival.

Presented with a Bill for voting Labour

A reader writes: "For the last four elections, having given Labour my candidate and party vote, I have been bemused to receive similar emails the next day from the Prime Minister saying: "Dear Clive, I want to say thank you for your hard work and support during this campaign. We could not have achieved such an historic result without you ... Thank you, Bill."

Unintentional humour

Quick Links

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Video Pick

A compilation of news presenters losing the plot...

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