Can't put a price on life

A dummy intended to look like the body of a dead cyclist has been left on the side of a dangerous stretch of road in Belarus as part of a police safety campaign. The scene was set up to look like a hit-and-run. But officers found only nine people stopped out of 186 cars that drove past. One couple who stopped offered to drive the mannequin to hospital, telling officers they were not worried about getting blood on their back seat. "Human life is precious, and you can always wash your seat covers," the driver said. (Source:

Revolver album?

Father talks music history with his kids ...


Boy: "Dad, do you know about the Beatles? One got cancer and another got shot."
Girl: "The Beatles isn't a good name. Super Cat is a good name."
Dad: "George Harrison died of cancer and a man call Mark Chapman shot John Lennon because he was mad and thought he (Lennon) was a phoney."
Girl: "It's not okay to shoot people, even if they are phoneys."

Cutting up rough in early hours

A Kingsland resident rang the Auckland City Council at 1am to ask why a concrete cutter had to be used on the road outside at this hour? The resident was told it was because it's quieter then.

Revenge best served via text

An online trader has got his revenge on an unscrupulous seller who conned him out of £80 ($154) by sending the man the entire works of William Shakespeare via 29,000 text messages. The Sony PS3 Edd Joseph bought failed to arrive, so he bombarded the seller with messages. He started by copying and pasting Macbeth into 600 messages, All's Well That Ends Well into 861, and Hamlet into an irritating 1,143. Joseph's contract included unlimited texting. (Source: Daily Mail).

Hard work to get energy drinks

A reader says forget being age-checked for plastic spoons ... "I was at a 7-Eleven in Oregon (when) I was 17 (the drinking age is 21). We went in and purchased about a dozen cans of Red Bull. At first the lady refused to sell it to us, because it was used for making Red Bull and vodka drinks. After a little bit of back and forth, she finally relented and sold us the Red Bull. She was right, we were buying it to mix with vodka ... but we thought getting the vodka was going to be the hard part, not the Red Bull."

"I like this sign. I think I'll have one made for the office," says Isaac Hempworth on Twitter.

Did you know:

Geraldine has the

in the world!

Picture this: British Chat magazine (think That's Life but more naff) has a section called Star Tips. I am speechless ...

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