"My sister and nephew came to visit me when I was a student in the fair city of Stirling in Scotland. I took them to the obligatory visit to Stirling Castle, and we walked from the town centre to the top of the hill upon which the castle looms. My nephew was only 5 at the time, and found this rather a trek. My sister and I kept encouraging him saying 'We'll soon be there!' and 'It's an amazing castle, you'll love it!' When we got to the top of the hill, you see the great courtyard and behind that the restored splendour of the castle itself. My nephew burst into tears. 'Oh, oh, what's wrong?' I asked, all concerned. Sobs, tears. 'I thought it was a bouncy castle!'." (Source: B3ta.com)
Girls foiled by school prank
The story of the stolen asbestos samples in Sideswipe yesterday reminded Michael of when he was in high school. "We came up with what we thought was a pretty good use of one mate's aluminum foil sandwich wrappings," he writes. "We gathered up some clumps of dry, leafy material and arranged it into the foil and then rolled up, then casually left the fake tinnie lying conspicuously in the middle of the main walkway through the school while still in view. We didn't think anyone could be stupid enough to think it was real, but sure enough a pair of senior girls stopped and casually lifted it from the ground and secretively peeled back some of the wrap. Excited glances were exchanged and they ducked into the nearby ladies' toilet block, only to come out a short time later empty-handed and looking disappointed."

Council letters beginning to repeat on me
"I wonder if anyone else has received six copies of the same letter from Auckland council regarding the volcanic viewshaft plan modification?" asks Christine. "Two I can understand as being a slip-up, but six identical letters? All addressed to the same person and dated the same."

Modelling agency thin on morals
Doctors told a newspaper in Stockholm that one of Sweden's premier modelling agencies, looking for recruits, had been caught passing out business cards adjacent to the country's largest eating-disorder clinic, forcing the clinic to change its rules on patients taking outside walks. (Source: News of the Weird)
Pie trafficker: Going from Auckland to Christchurch in the next few days? This Student Job Search one-off job is for someone to deliver a Georgie Pie to some desperado in Christchurch for $15. Here's the ad in full and the link if you want to really do it... (I would take the pie to them, but don't hand it over for less than $50)

Squirt it: Classy air freshener spotted at Wellington gifty shop, Wanda Harland.


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