Those real estate agents really know how to get through to people

A reader writes: "My mum recently received a card from Ray White Real Estate. As it was addressed to my dad, she decided to open it. It read: 'Dear Mr so-and-so ... Thanks for taking the time to talk with me on the telephone last night. As discussed I have enclosed an appraisal ...' My mum was so intrigued that she's going to get in touch with Ray White to ask for the telephone number they used to speak to my dad. We'd like to talk to him on the telephone too. He's been dead 15 years!"

Mum and son caught for drink driving on same night

Police in Toronto, Canada, say a mother who came to pick up her son after he was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving found herself charged with the same offence. The driver, a 27-year-old man, failed a roadside screening test and was taken to a police station, where he was charged with impaired driving. Police say when his 53-year-old mother arrived to retrieve him, the same officer smelled alcohol and made her take a breath-analyser test. She failed.


Hooters thieves make big boo-boo

Two people broke into a San Diego Hooters after closing and stole a jukebox - apparently, said police, mistaking it for an ATM inside the darkened restaurant.

Cellphones linked to extramarital sex

A village council in Bihar, India, has banned women from using cellphones, saying such use promotes extramarital sex and leads young people to elope. The council will fine single women $180 and married women $36.60 if they are caught using a cellphone in public. (

Have a holiday on the Greens

Look! The Greens do have a sense of humour! Here's their April Fools Facebook Update: "We've just launched a discussion paper to promote better work-life balance for Aotearoa/New Zealand. New Zealanders work some of the longest hours in the world and it's something we need to address if we are serious about promoting NZ as a place to have a great lifestyle. We welcome your feedback. Proposed additional statutory holidays: March 24, Look after the environment day; April 16, Rebirth the Earth; May 5, Buy local, Eat local day; May 11, Bob Marley's commemoration day; June 20, Love your cycle (not in a dirty way) day; July 12, Bigger words are better day; September 20, Dave's dancing day; October 11, Dolphin love day; April 1, April fool's day. All days would be Mondayised or Fridayised as appropriate."

Strange products: Carnivor Protein Shots sound disgusting. The 50 grams of protein made from approximately 6 ounces of pulverised, chemically processes raw lean beef. "To condense the beef into liquid, it's hydrolyzed, which means it's treated with enzymes to chop the long beef protein strands into shorter pieces," explains Worst Things For Sale. "This mix of amino acids and short proteins tastes remarkably similar to protein that's broken down inside your own gastric system by largely the same process as the hydrolysis. Which means: It's actual, honest-to-god beef vomit. If you ate six ounces of raw beef, let it digest a little bit, then horked it back up, mixed in a kool-aid packet, and sucked it back down, you've got Carnivor Protein shots"

Video: What makes sugar so addictive?

Dream Job: Hotel Finn in Helsinki, Finland, is seeking a professional sleeper to test the comfort of their rooms and blog about it...

Sporting: Ninety-four-year-old Emiel Pauwels from Belgium and 95-year-old Ilmari Koppinen from Finland, recently raced at an athletic meet for veterans in San Sebastian, Spain. Mr Pauwels achieved a time of 17.70, while Mr Koppinen, who had a stronger start, crossed the finishing line with a time of 17.89.

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