Chinese media have reported that Jian Feng won the equivalent of US$120,000 ($146,000) in a lawsuit against his well-to-do wife for deceiving him and subsequently giving birth to what Feng thought was an ugly baby. Feng discovered that his wife had had cosmetic surgery - and thus was not, genetically, the beauty that he married but, in reality, plain-looking. (Source: News of the Weird)

Frisky furniture for a loving home
If you live in Hamilton and are in the market for couches, you're in luck. This from Trade Me: Two Nipple-Pink Couches. In the style of classic domed "Chesterfield", these puppies have a lovely velour finish. Push the two together to create a womb-like snuggle nest for you and your loved one to watch a fave movie on a rainy night. Full back and side padding with low back making for easy yawn/arm-around action ... Great tool for transitioning a relationship from flatmates to something more intimate. Be quick - there is a buy now option of $100.

Breaking into hotel rooms 101
Burglars are taking advantage of a bug in the keycard locks on hotel room doors. And security experts expect more to follow given that the lock in question, made by Onity, is used in about four million hotel rooms worldwide. A Mozilla software developer made the flaw public at the Black Hat hacker conference, intending to publicise it so hotels could sort the problem, but that didn't happen, even though stories about several burglaries using the technique at the Houston Hyatt were published. Instead, the revelation has helped burglars, who can build their own master key for about $50. The Houston Hyatt has filled a hole in the locks with glue, but a longer-term fix remains unclear. (Source:

A safer way to avoid parking tickets
Public Service Announcement: A reader reckons spraying your tyres with WD40 to repel the parking warden's chalk (as suggested yesterday) is a very stupid idea. "WD40 is a lubricant. Your tyres will not grip as well when they are lubricated. Which is dangerous." According to a number of level-headed readers, there is a foolproof way to avoid tickets - don't park illegally.


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