Picture this:

Celebrity gender bending...Hugh Laurie looks great as a woman, Rowan Atkinson,

Short short:

Lost in his thoughts, a man is joined at the bus stop by a young woman. As his imagination runs wild, he can't help but wonder:



Video: Cat eats mashed potato with a fork...

Science says: Sugar does not make your kids bounce off the walls, ok?

In descent proposal: Ryan Thompson is a pilot who wanted to propose so took his girlfriend up in a teeny weeny plane and made out it was about to crash. She's in for a lifetime of that dickish behaviour if she says yes.

Good read: A compelling account of how one man tracked down his troll and confronted him.

Video: 100% accurate impressions of 50 actual real animals really.

Art: Footpath bug funeral.

Stupid products: Do you have a dirty aura? Angst no more...

Video: Four blokes sit down in front of the camera. The first one to cry wins. So it's a crying competition... with a twist.

The Crying Competition (part 1) from Brent Hoff on Vimeo.