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These products are designed to dupe and fleece:

1. The BioDisc is a glass disc which claims to generate a "catalytic conversion of energy" which extends shelf life of meat and vegetables, improves taste, maximises body energy, enhances the immune system, calms and balances, assists in pain relief, rejuvenates cells, cures autism and increases the "drinking water energy level" (huh?) of any liquid poured over the disc. Cost, US$560.


2. The website for the Water Activation Filter claims that, "as we age, our body's ability to convert water into the necessary single-file alignment dramatically decreases. Our body's hydration becomes increasingly compromised." Yes, according to Gia Wellness water molecules need to be lined up in a conga line in order to properly hydrate our bodies. (Source: Via

Message falls flat

Praise has been heaped on the Ghost Chips anti-drink driving advert, but Johnny from Howick reckons the second instalment (Stop the family drink driving = legend) is a dud. He writes: "The mother says 'You're driving drunk too often'. What a great message to put across - you can drink drive as long as you don't do it too often."

Confuse the consumer

Annabel wanted to know why "yoghurt six packs are in 125g pottles and 12 packs are in 100g pottles? "A reader writes: "It's obviously about consumer psychology. People expect to pay less when they buy more, so they can price the 12 pack at less than twice the price of the 6 pack, and it seems cheaper. In fact it could be more expensive. Companies use heaps of little tricks to get people to pay more for their product."

Sleepout support

The real homeless of Auckland City: Rachel*, who is in her late twenties, fled a violent relationship in the Bay of Plenty last August and wound up sleeping rough in Auckland. Her partner has their young son; she has not seen him since she left. She is on a sickness benefit because of depression. Rachel is living in a boarding house and has been on Housing NZ's waiting list for three months. *Name changed.

To help people like Rachel I am sleeping rough in the Auckland CBD on June 28 as part of the Lifewise Big Sleepout. Please sponsor me (no amount too small - or too big) at