Snapped in Bannockburn, Central Otago, by Jon Lewin.

My, what a funny tail you have

Renata Dawson was driving and as she turned into her street (with several cars behind her) she saw a small kitten in the middle of the road. "Slamming on my brakes and narrowly avoiding a huge pile-up of cars behind me, I jumped out and ran towards the kitten. It wasn't moving so I feared it was hurt or even dead. I had almost reached the kitten when I realised it was not a kitten but an old sneaker!"

Probing questions


Eric Wolters writes: "I was 14 and attending an interview for a school holiday job, at the firm where my father worked. The form they had me fill out was a little confusing. In the box that I was asked to identify my nearest relative, I put 'father'. Then it asked me what sort of relationship I had with that person. I was puzzled as to why they would need to know, but I duly filled in the box, saying 'very good'. Then it occurred to me that my father might see the form so I crossed out 'very good' and wrote 'excellent'. My father later reported the hilarity my form had caused around the office. He still believes I was simply exercising my odd sense of humour. In my middle years now, I feel that I have to set the record straight. Dad, I was confused OK?"

Burn of the day

On Newstalk ZB yesterday a caller rang Leighton Smith to discuss his constipation. Smith suggested he tune in to his rivals, Willie and JT on RadioLive for a speedy, surefire remedy.

Too quick to judge

"Your correspondent should not be so quick to judge apparently 'able-bodied young drivers' parking in mobility spaces," writes George. "My partner is a petite, gorgeous young lady, who looks like any 20-something urbanite as she goes about her daily business. She can walk, move and drive just fine but also has a terminal illness that can leave her breathless to the point of passing out after walking very short distances. She is a legitimate mobility card holder and has had to endure the criticisms and sideways glances of people like your correspondent on a weekly basis."

And too quick to assume

A reader sent in a picture of a sign outside St Paul's in Hamilton welcoming Scotch College, thinking it was a misspelled Scots College. It was, however, a private Australian school from Adelaide competing in the Australia/New Zealand netball tournament.