A reader writes: "The great Ronnie Corbett finally called it quits in 1987. Can it be just an incredible coincidence that the 'Minister currently known as Murray' entered Parliament in ... 1987."

Snooping about Liechtenstein

Rapper Snoop Dogg tried to rent the entire Principality of Liechtenstein - all 160sq km of it - to record a music video. Liechtenstein property agent Karl Schwaerzler says: "We've had requests for places and villages but never one to hire the whole country before. It would have been possible, but Snoop Dogg's management did not give us enough time." (Source: Newyorkmag.com)

Hold the phone!

A frustrated Vodafone customer writes: "Stop texting me your damned surveys! I will NEVER recommend you to a friend/colleague. (I doubt they would want to receive repeated texts asking if they would recommend you to anyone else either!) You ignore requests to 'opt out' of these surveys. You send people to my house who hammer on the windows late at night to try and sell me more of your services. You don't call back when I register a complaint . Why would I recommend you to anyone? Since the phone lines to your complaints department are experiencing 'unusually high call volumes' (small wonder!) perhaps you'll take notice of this message."

Venting venture

A shop in a mall in Shenyang, China, lets women vent their frustrations by smashing household items. The store on the fourth floor of a shopping mall has a "No Men" sign at the door and is divided into several zones, such as a living room and a bedroom. Wang Jingyu, the mall's business manager, said they had done this so "women can come here to feel like they are in their own homes but without any limitations, and they can break anything here". Customers wear protective helmets and gloves. They're limited to one minute of mayhem. (Source: Neatorama.com)

Making dead sure ...
A suspicious Romanian wife sat over her husband's body for 14 days because she suspected he was faking his own death. The woman, 72, told police in Vaslui she did not report the death until she was sure husband Vasile wasn't trying to trick her so he could start a new life with his mistress. Police said he had a well-established heart condition.

Snail mail efficiency

The Swiss Diggelmans emigrated to New Zealand a long, long time ago, says a reader. "One day a letter arrived addressed to 'Diggelman, Australia'. Australia was crossed out and a note said: 'not known in Australia, try New Zealand'."