Russell often wonders about the practice of parents trundling their mucous-filled, unwashed children round in the supermarket trolleys. "It would make a nice study for someone to see how dirty supermarket trolleys are," he says. "Food handlers have to have high standards of hygiene but it seems pointless if one's food is then placed on a surface that has had dirty shoes and other questionably grubby body parts recently placed thereon. Just wondered if anyone else feels the same."

A bit of love left on the buses
Lou writes: "Don't often have cause to praise our bus service and the ridiculous system where some services don't take the Hop cards. So here's a bouquet to the driver of the Ritchies 060 from Westgate yesterday morning. Waiting in Great North Rd, Grey Lynn for a bus and two came along but I only had a card to get on the second. That tricky moment where two have to pull into one stop and the rear bus gets a little confused as to whether the front bus is picking up everyone. He slowed but maybe didn't see my frantic gesture and pulled away leaving me standing helplessly with a worthless card and a few coins. Lovely lady driver of first bus: 'Get on love' ... $1 of coins got me to town on time for an important meeting."

Popemobile to party bus in Dublin
An Irish businessman is offering a Pope John Paul II Popemobile for rent to party-goers for $324 a hour. Paddy Dunning said the Popemobile, a yellow Ford Transit van specially adapted for the Pope's 1979 visit to Ireland, came with the Dublin Wax Museum when he bought it a few years ago and he is planning to rent it out for bachelor parties and other engagements, Britain's Daily Telegraph reports.

The internet: A parents' guide
*After your child sets up your wi-fi and gives you the network name and password, just throw it away! You'll never need it again.
*Use a pet's name, or simply "password" as your password for everything else.
*Make sure you forward every chain email you receive to everyone in your address book. Did you know Obama was sworn in on the Koran? People need to know this stuff!
*Add a tool to the browser bar? Sure! The more the merrier!
*Triple click every link as fast as you can. Repeat. This makes the website load faster!
*Remember, always google with Bing!
(Source: Failblog)


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