This sign on West Tamaki Rd, Glen Innes, doesn't give much away.

Plunket caught out

Dave wonders if the irony of the Super 15 players wearing a Plunket logo on their jersey escaped anyone? "Wasn't it Plunket - among other groups - that complained of Piri Weepu feeding his baby a bottle instead of his baby being breastfed. Seems we tend to turn a blind eye when it comes to our own self-centred campaigns to try to raise money from people already struggling to feed their own families."

Cabbie gets the blame


The only taxi driver in the north Queensland mining town of Collinsville has twice been booked for drink-driving and has lost his licence. Now other residents who have been caught drink-driving are blaming the fact that there's not a taxi to get them home from the pub. Taxi driver Joseph David claimed to have had a couple of cans of beer before picking up a fare. (Source:

Dog complaint filed

A reader saw a pit bull roaming around the sports fields and playground at Onepoto Domain in Northcote on Sunday. "Unsupervised. No collar. Rang the council action line to report it and get someone to come pick it up. I was told that it was after hours, would take too long to get there and the dog could be gone by then so they would NOT be coming. They would 'make a note of it in their files though'. I even told them that this same dog was wandering on our street about two weeks ago. I should ring back 'if something happened'. Makes me wonder what we are paying our (soon to be increased) dog registration fees for?"

Crunchie sized up

Cadbury writes: "Please tell readers we have not changed the size or the price of our Cadbury share packs. From the photo it looks like the smaller (bite-size) Crunchie bar shown is from our Favourites range and the larger one is from our share pack which contains 12 individual units. We'd love to talk to Ken to see if a mix-up has occurred and we'll throw in a few extra Crunchie bars so he can keep enjoying his lunch-time treat!"