Team New Zealand helmsman Peter Burling believes the Kiwi syndicate are not even close to tapping out the potential in their race boat.

Burling and crew rounded out the opening weekend of the America's Cup match in Bermuda with another two impressive victories over Oracle Team USA to move to 3-0 in the first-to-seven series. While Team NZ have recorded four wins over the weekend, they entered the Cup match on -1 due to a new format quirk.

With the racing being held on the weekends in Bermuda, there is now a five-day before race five and six.

That break will come as great relief for Oracle, for whom it is now clear Team NZ hold a massive speed advantage over.


Oracle skipper Jimmy Spithill admitted his team will need to make major changes if they are to turn the match around.

"I think it's pretty obvious these guys are faster and we need to make some serious changes," said Spithill after the team's fourth successive loss.

"Clearly, we need to now put everything back on the table. I think these next five days will be the most important five days of the campaign."

As Spithill pointed out, Oracle have been in this position before, having been forced to play their postponement card early on in the last Cup match in San Francisco to buy themselves some time to address some deficiencies in their set-up.

That break, and Oracle's ability to keep innovating proved the impetus behind the US team's stunning comeback.

One of the key factors Team NZ identified in their review of that heartbreaking 2013 campaign, was the need for the team to be adaptable and keep developing throughout this regatta.

Burling said that will be the team's approach over the next five days.

"Our team is really hungry to keep moving forward and keep improving, we have another five days to keep working on the boat and go over all the footage. We know if we stand still these guys will be catching us," he said.

"We're really excited about the challenge over the next five days of taking that next step and keeping on pushing forward."

"It's a lot harder for them if we keeping moving, if we stand still, they'll catch us."

Team NZ skipper Glenn Ashby said while the crew would like be back in the water tomorrow keeping the momentum up, they had targeted these next five days in the schedule for upgrades to the boat and finetuning work.

"You like to sort of keep going while you're on a bit of a roll, but the schedule is the schedule and we've known that for a long time - we understand while they have chosen to hold it over the weekends," said Ashby.

"We've still got plenty of things to work on the boat over the next few days, so it gives us the opportunity to keep developing as well."