A female assistant was forced to apologise after sending a series of suggestive private messages to All Black winger Cory Jane through the social networking site Twitter.

Jane's pregnant wife Amie was furious after finding a message in which the woman promised him "a special wee pressie".

Amie, 29, intercepted the messages this week only days before her husband was due to fly to Auckland where he was to meet the woman at a promotional event.

Amie said she was so upset about the messages she confronted Jane.

The woman is believed to work for a filming company contracted by one of the All Blacks' major sponsors, which the Herald on Sunday has agreed not to name.

Amie said: "In two hours she sent Cory two emails and seven private tweets - they are like texts but you go on to your Twitter page.

"Then one of the end messages said: 'Thanks CJ for your help, I have a special wee pressie for you when you come up.'

"I was like 'ewww ...' so I Tweeted: 'Mayb just the hormones but would u b pissed if some1 wrote DMs [direct messages] 2 hubby.'

"Cory sent her a message later on to say 'I think it's better if you contact me through my agent rather than Twitter.' As you can imagine I was angry.

"I said to Cory: 'Men don't see when woman are trying to use their jobs or the fact they are a fan as an excuse to overstep the line'. She had crossed the line of professionalism."

The woman later apologised to Cory and Amie about the "inappropriate" messages.

Amie added the woman was "out of line".

"The girl got shamelessly put in her place."

Amie received messages of support from male followers on Twitter for taking a strong stance over the messages.

The couple, who are prolific Tweeters and have thousands of followers, have two children, Cassius, 4, and Tennyson, 1.

They have spoken extensively about Cassius' tuberous sclerosis that affects his organs, including the skin and brain. He also has epilepsy and attention deficit hyperactive disorder.

Jane enjoyed a meteoric rise in his rugby career and was first choice right wing for the All Blacks during their undefeated run in the Tri-Nations this season.

Amie says her husband used to be targeted by female admirers more often when he emerged as a star player for Wellington and the national sevens team.

"When we were young the local girls chased him harder than the fans do. If you talk to Cory he's very friendly, very easy going, so people might take it the wrong way.

"My family and my marriage I value enough to take a stand and put a wall up to any people who think they are going to mess with that or me."

Amie jokes that she usually gets her way when they fight.

"I am a bit of a control freak. I always think of consequences. We argue because I have to have the last word because I am never wrong."

Jane was due to leave for Hong Kong with the All Black squad today.