In the true spirit of Valentine's Day, a Danish teenager is trying to find her mum a Kiwi husband - but her mum doesn't know it.

Christine Brinch, 15, said her 41-year-old mother, Anja, had been alone for a "very long time" and she wanted to see her happy.

"I know she wants a man and I want to make her happy," she said.

"I know she really wants a New Zealand man because she really loves New Zealand and its nature and everything ."


Christine's parents divorced when she was 3 and Ms Brinch's relationship with the father of her younger brother ended about eight years ago.

Ms Brinch had travelled around the world but New Zealand was the one place she hadn't been to.

Christine approached the Herald with hopes of setting up her mum with a New Zealand man.

"But being able to move [to New Zealand] isn't the only reason, no. I just think she would be very happy with a New Zealand man."

Christine's doing the match-making without her mother's knowledge and wants to surprise her with all the offers she hopes to get.

For any potential Kiwi suitors, Christine described her mother as "beautiful" with long dark hair, greeny-blue eyes and with "lots of freckles ... And she has a big smile".

Ms Brinch loved to laugh, was very creative because she's an architect and loved animals, Christine said.

"She can be very honest and she appreciates honesty a lot - you know what you get with her."

Christine said her mother didn't care for appearances. The potential suitors just had to have a good sense of humour.

"And he doesn't have to be rich."

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