There are a million stories flying around the racing industry about James McDonald's absolute, immediate and long-term futures.

If you think you know what it will absolutely be, contact the champion jockey.

Because he doesn't.

"I'm going to Kong Kong on Saturday night until the end of their season in 2 weeks and after that I have no firm plans at all," McDonald told the Herald last night.


There has been enormous speculation about McDonald's future in the past three to four months, all of which the whizz kid says has been just that - speculation.

"Everything is up in the air," said McDonald as he returned home after a Rarotongan holiday.

The weight, which had been an issue, will be back close to the 54kg - McDonald's bottom limit - when he gets to Hong Kong.

"It was good to have a holiday and give my body a rest, because I've had a pretty tough season, and I'm feeling good now and the wasting will be fine."

McDonald says not too much should be read into the fact he is riding the final weeks of the Hong Kong season. "I'm not signing a contract, in fact I'm led to believe I could have had a contract in Hong Kong at any part of the last 12 months."

McDonald will be riding at Te Teko tomorrow and at the weekend before heading to Hong Kong.

He has a strong book of five rides for Te Teko, which last night was rated a slow (8).