Fletcher Building has successfully completed the country's first quick-build panelised terraced home following a trial of two duplexes last year.

Panelised properties, which are essentially flat-packed and come ready to assemble, significantly reduce the time needed to build a standard home.

Fletcher residential and land development chief executive Steven Evans said the company's terraced house trial saw it piece together five terrace homes in five days, spread over two, and included electrical wiring and plumbing.

"This is the first time we have done anything like this with a multi-tenancy building in New Zealand," Evans said.

"The aim of these trials is to help meet the high demand for new homes by speeding up the house building process while maintaining quality and ensuring regulatory compliance.


"The time saving for a panelised home is significant: it will now take one to four days to weatherproof a home compared to 50 for a standard built duplex home. Finishing requires a further six weeks to complete - compared to a total 22 weeks for a conventional build."

Fletchers's panelisation factory is capable of building a single Auckland house in a day and last year debuted construction techniques of Fletcher Living putting up a new Auckland residential duplex worth nearly $2 million in four days.