It all started with Kevin Braswell.

Head coach of the New Zealand Breakers last season, the former fan favourite was forced out after just one disappointing campaign, with two years left on his contract – one year guaranteed, and one a team option. The resulting legal ramifications saw new head coach Director of Basketball Dan Shamir required to be appointed under a different title – a muddled process that for most clubs would have been the messiest part of their off-season.

Not the Breakers. Oh no, they had plenty more mess to make.

First, their owner and media manager stirred up a plot to leak fake information . Then, standout player Corey Webster tried to leave but was blocked from doing so - told, in an interesting contrast to Braswell, that his contract must be honoured . General manager and club legend Dillon Boucher quit a month before the season , and assistant coach Mike Fitchett left it even later, resigning six days before the season , right at the conclusion of their NBA