If plastic trash diminishes your enjoyment of Auckland's beautiful marine environment, perhaps you could share your ideas on how to address the problem.

Up to 85 per cent of plastic litter gets washed into stormwater pipes, or rivers, then carried out to sea, says the NGO Sustainable Coastlines.

Trevor Jones, from Henderson, sees plastic rubbish blowing around every day, "even though there are ample rubbish bins around to put it in", he says.

"That includes plastic wrap, plastic bottles and caps which quite often makes their way on to stream banks in this area, including Henderson creek, which is tidal. The stream that borders my local supermarket gets a lot of plastic rubbish on its banks, I suspect from rubbish dropped in the carpark ... It's scary to think what might be happening in other suburbs near streams, or the sea."


Emeritus professor Roberta Farrell, of the University of Waikato, suggests we stop using plastic bags altogether.

"The thin-film plastic bags, common in supermarkets and elsewhere, have now been banned in many places around the world.

"When banned on Bainbridge Island, Washington State, a local ordinance described [the material] as something which never biodegrades and only breaks down into smaller and smaller particles. These seep into soils, or are carried into rivers and lakes, posing a threat to animal life and the natural foodchain."

Email your idea to curb plastic rubbish to paul.charman@nzme.co.nz