NZ First leader Winston Peters has taken aim at a recommendation to establish a Māori board if the Resource Management Act is torn up.

"If we want true equality, get rid of this paternalism and this tokenism stand up for real things like a real Māori," Peters said.

The independent review released today recommended tearing down the 30-year-old regulatory system and replace it with two fresh pieces of legislation to streamline the consent process.

Among the recommendations was one to create a National Māori Advisory Board with a range of functions including providing advice to Government and oversight of the resource management system from the perspective of mana whenua.


Court of Appeal Judge Tony Randerson, QC, who was the panel's chair said the report identified the importance of providing for a much more effective role for Māori - one of the means to achieve that was the advisory board.

Peters, who supports reforming the RMA, told reporters this afternoon he "can't stand paternalism and tokenism".

"The moment you've got a Māori round table, forgetting who their masters are - the ordinary Māori on the street - you know who's missing out."

Last year after okaying the terms of reference of the RMA review, Peters said New Zealand had people from all sorts of ethnic backgrounds but "we are gender and colour-blind when it comes to resource management legislation".

He said he believed they were the same as the rights secured under the Treaty of Waitangi.

"I've got a rough idea of what the Māori people expect, and they expect the world to be fair and balanced towards them. They have never asked, unlike some of the radicals, for exclusive race-based privileges."