A second person has come forward saying Labour president Nigel Haworth and the party's investigating panel were made aware of sexual assault claims about a Labour staffer.

The man's comments, made on Radio NZ this evening, lend support to a 19-year-old woman's claims that she told Haworth and the panel, via email as well as verbally, about an alleged sexual assault by the staffer at a private residence.

He also told RNZ that the staffer had shoved him against a wall and, on a separate occasion, tried to punch him after being confronted about his alleged misconduct.

Lawyers for the staffer say the claims are "without foundation". The investigating panel, which looked into seven formal complaints earlier this year about the staffer's behaviour, found no disciplinary action was needed.


Since then there have been further complaints and Maria Dew QC has been brought in to review the process and, at Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's request, the substance of the complaints.

The claims have left Ardern "deeply concerned and incredibly frustrated" because she was repeatedly told by the Labour Party that the complaints were not of a sexual nature.

PM Jacinda Ardern has appointed an independent QC to investigate claims.

Haworth has doubled down, saying that neither he nor the panel were told about the sexual assault allegation.

But the man said that is wrong as he raised claims of sexual assault with the panel.

"I told them about his experiences with other women that were tantamount to sexual assault ... but of course being aware that they weren't my stories and they would have to talk to those individuals themselves as part of that investigation process," he told Radio NZ.

He said that he also personally raised it with Haworth.

"Nigel Haworth knew that there were elements of sexual assault and sexual abuse within the claims brought before the investigation committee. That was very clear from the beginning. Everyone on the investigation panel knew that."

He said other complainants raised those issues with the panel, but those elements were missing from transcripts of their evidence - including his own - when they were given to the complainants.


"I discussed that there was a degree of sexual abuse and sexual assault by this individual ... Those things were discussed and on review of the transcript from my interview, that was not recorded."

Haworth has been contacted for further comment.

Nigel Haworth stuck to the position that he is 'bound by confidentiality' today as he repeatedly shut down questions about the ongoing process. Video / Boris Jancic

The man said that he challenged the staffer over his behaviour, and the response was an attempted punch that missed the mark.

On another occasion, he claimed the staffer shoved him into a wall.

He described the whole process as "deeply re-traumatising", leaving complainants with the feeling that justice would not be served.

Meanwhile Parliamentary Service general manager Rafael Gonzalez-Montero told the Herald that a complaint has been received about the Labour staffer that was related to the sexual assault allegation.


"It is not related to his employment with Parliamentary Service, so we can't do anything at this stage."

Ardern said the Dew review will provide clarity around who knew what and when, and if it finds failings from Haworth, then he should resign.

Dew is expected to report directly to Ardern within four weeks.