In the spirit of the late great Paul Holmes, TV3's John Campbell has been at home with the leaders of our political parties ahead of this year's election.

The series is designed to show the softer side of our politicians - a chance to see them in their homes and meet the women, and men, who support them in their careers.

So far, Campbell has had a barbecue lunch at John and Bronagh Key's bach at Omaha; brunch with Hone and Hilda Harawira; dinner with Russel Norman and his partner, Katya Paquin; and, this week, David Cunliffe and his wife, Karen Price, shared Friday night fish and chips.

Such interviews can never be completely natural but they are an opportunity to see another dimension of career politicians. Karen Price has never sought the spotlight, content to support her husband from behind the scenes, but, by crikey, what a renaissance woman she is.


I wonder if, in between lawyering, beekeeping, mothering and piloting Cessnas, she'd have time to run the country. I bet if we asked her, she'd put it on her To Do list: "Run the country" - and at the end of her term, she'd tick it off, having accomplished it as well as everything else she's done.