Kim Dotcom's Internet Party says discussions with a sitting electorate MP who was poised to join the party have ended due to the prospect of a tie up with Hone Harawira's Mana Party.

Mr Dotcom triggered a flurry of speculation in recent weeks after claiming that a sitting electorate MP had agreed to join his party. While he refused to say who it was, he ruled out Hone Harawira.

Today the party said: "Following the recent decision of delegates at the Mana AGM to continue negotiations with the Internet Party regarding a possible alliance, the current MP and the Internet Party have mutually agreed to end further discussions."

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Mr Dotcom said that due to a confidentiality agreement with the MP "no further comment will be made on this matter".

A final decision on whether the Mana Party will join with the Internet Party to contest this year's election is expected in about a month.