Maori Party MP Hone Harawira has stared down his party leadership in a further bout between them as it seeks to discipline him.

A meeting between Mr Harawira and the party's disciplinary committee failed to reach the expected decision to expel or suspend him. Instead - despite the co-leaders suspending him from caucus on Monday - Mr Harawira forced a further delay by requesting the matter go back to his own electorate to consider.

The delay will stymie a National Council meeting scheduled for this weekend to make the final decision on his fate.

After a five-hour meeting yesterday, disciplinary committee chair Te Orohi Paul said instead of deciding his fate then, they would meet his electorate committee next week.

She said it had been a useful hui but it was fair to give Mr Harawira's electorate another chance to resolve the situation.

"Yes, we've had some tensions and, yes, we've worked through them. It's been a really positive meeting - Hone is standing there and hasn't thrown his handbag at me."

The committee met in Wellington with Te Ururoa Flavell, who laid a complaint against Mr Harawira, as well as the party's co-leaders Tariana Turia and Dr Pita Sharples. Mr Harawira had his wife Hilda and advocate, lawyer Jason Pou, alongside him.

The failure of the committee to take a stand on Mr Harawira will disappoint the co-leaders. It will also further drag out the process, which has already gone on for a month, causing further bad publicity for the party. It was originally intended for the committee to make a recommendation on Mr Harawira and for the National Council to make a final decision by Saturday.

Mrs Turia is understood to have expressed her disgust at Mr Harawira's constant undermining of the party and leadership and his challenging of the disciplinary process in strong terms to the committee. She left about 5pm - before the hui wound up at 7.30pm.

An apparently relaxed Mr Harawira said he had expressed his displeasure with the process but was comfortable with the outcome.

"I was grateful for the korero we've had. I've asked we be given a chance to take it back to [my electorate] and that's been agreed. I don't intend to make a media circus out of the ongoing nature of where we're going now."

The committee was to decide whether Mr Harawira should be expelled or face censure over the complaint, sparked by a newspaper column in which Mr Harawira questioned the party's leadership and effectiveness as part of the coalition Government. Mr Flavell claimed Mr Harawira persistently broke the party's rules, deliberately undermined the leadership and brought the party into disrepute.

The co-leaders' presence was questioned by some because they were not a direct party to the complaint and had arrived early to discuss the matter before Mr Harawira arrived.

The hui began at 3pm when Mr Harawira arrived. Mr Harawira said little as he entered, saying he was "extremely confident" but he expected it to be a long, drawn-out process. He greeted about eight supporters who waited outside holding flags and a sign that said "Less John, more Hone".

Mr Harawira's suspension came after he challenged Dr Sharples at Waitangi weekend.