Grown man misses Frozen bus

"So I am babysitting an almost 3-year-old on this Friday," writes Aarti Prasad of Manukau Heights. "Thought it would be really fun to watch Frozen together. I need to know what all the fuss is about this movie. Okay, I'll buy a copy on DVD for the wee one to own and we can watch together! Such fun! Google some stores as to why I can buy it - The Warehouse, 138 items and all merchandise. K-Mart, 38 items merchandise. Farmers, 51 items all merchandise. Toys, cups, saucers, bikes, clothes, Frozen merchandise galore but no DVDs. Have I missed the Frozen bus? I must be the only person on the planet left to watch Frozen or are DVDs now obsolete?"

It's a weird world


Doctors thought they had discovered a tumour on the lung of a 47-year-old British smoker, but before you can say "lung cancer" further investigation reveal the mass was in fact a Playmobil traffic cone he got for his seventh birthday. The man who admitted to swallowing toys as a child had the orange plastic cone lodged in his lungs for 40 years.

2. An op shop worker in New York found $39,000 in a donated purse and managed to track down the rightful owners. Kindell Keyes, 51, initially thought someone was playing a joke on her when she discovered the envelopes full of money inside the purse. They were able to to track down the two California brothers who donated the purse along with other items they cleared out of their grandmother's home after she died at age 101. Keyes was rewarded with a $3900 bonus for her honesty.


3. Some wag with a label-maker has been rewriting information signs at Canterbury Museum. One was found was on a display of an icon of Buddha and said "Where do I know that guy from?" Sounds like a copy cat of Obvious Plant by comedian Jeff Wysaski, who made fake self-help book covers and planted them in book shops and fake gym classes on notice boards, like a new cardio class called Chased by Wolves - "Push your body to the limit with the help of ravenous wolves."

Playing hard to get

Open all hours... but not the greatest name for a retail business. Photo / Supplied
Open all hours... but not the greatest name for a retail business. Photo / Supplied

Tweet a moan, Minister

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