Word play

If your favourite TV show had a 'Dad' bent ...

1. The Walking Dead Beat Dad

2. How I Tune Out Your Mother

3. House Of Cardigans


4. Farts and Procreation

5. Breaking Wind, Bad

6. Mad About The Government

7. Survivor: Bunnings Pakuranga

8. Boardshorts Empire

9. The Gout Goes Wild

10. Orange Is The New Socks and Sandals

11. Game Of Recliners

12. Cholesterol Development

13. Lawns in Order

14. Outrageous Flatulence

15. M*A*S*H potatoes and gravy

Gone with the wind ...

"Further to your story about the infamous farting scene from Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles," writes Julia Cameron. "I was working at Radio Hauraki at the time and we had the rights to hold a preview to the movie. In those days invitees were fun people and staunch listeners, rather than rich-listers. We knew the storyline, and immediately before "that scene" we stopped the movie for intermission and served tubs of warmed baked beans to everyone. No-one knew why until ... It was very funny!"

Real ID faked

Frenchman Raphael Fabre recently requested a French national ID card, but instead of sending in a headshot, he sent in a 3D model of his face created on a computer. The French government issued the card to him.

If men were handmaids

If you are watching the new TV series based on the famous book by Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale, you will love this parody...Meet Manfred, a man just trying to survive in a world under the harsh rule of the feminazi.

How to make a boss paper plane?

A tutorial by paper airplane engineer, so you can make the best, long flying paper plane with your kid...

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