Shower thoughts


Being bored is just getting tired of yourself.

2. When I was a kid, I was afraid of the dark because of ghosts and monsters. Now I'm just afraid of tripping over s***.

3. I'm tired of feeling foolish because of businesses that choose to lock one of their two front doors for no apparent reason.


4. People without glasses will never know the struggle of eating soup.

5. My daydreams basically just consist of what would happen if I was an extremely confident version of myself.

6. If my dog could cry real tears, I doubt I'd have the emotional strength to ever leave my house.

7. When medication says "do not operate heavy machinery" they're probably mainly referring to cars, but my mind always goes to forklift.

8. Someday a person is going to die in a self-driving car and the car is just gonna keep driving with a dead body in it.

9. Being a millennial is like joining a game of Monopoly after all the properties have been bought up.

10. The shower is the only place I don't use technology, which is probably why I am able to think so clearly.

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When childbirth was a bries

What is groaning cheese? You may have heard of a Push Present (The present new mother's get for pushing out a baby) but the 16th century in Great Britain, a wheel of cheese was the reward for giving birth. Called groaning because of the sound the soon-to-be-mother makes, pieces of the cheese were distributed among the baby's first visitors. This was thought to bring great luck to the baby. Conversely, if the father cut himself while serving the cheese, his child would die within a year. Groaning cheese didn't bring luck to just the baby, though. The young women present would nibble on their pieces of cheese and then place the uneaten bits under their pillows, with the hope of catching a glimpse of their future husbands in a dream. (Via HowStuffWorks)

These cooking instructions for canned soup sound bang on. Photo / Supplied
These cooking instructions for canned soup sound bang on. Photo / Supplied

That's a wrap on disintegrating foil

What makes aluminium foil pit or disintegrate? A reader writes: "If there is acid content in leftovers which you have covered with foil, the acid in the tomato, (in your chilli dish), will turn into an aluminium compound when in contact with the sauce and will 'eat' the foil, leaving those black deposits. As you are not eating the foil itself it won't harm your digestive system - it is usually easy to scrape the deposits from the top of the food. But if in doubt, throw it out! Next time cover leftovers with cling wrap, or put them in plastic containers with lids. Food with no acid content is usually safe to foil-wrap. Never let foil touch the food; leave an air space. No storage containers? Double-wrap with cling wrap and then foil."

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