Forget clowns, says Pam. "These scary guys have been seen hanging around Paihia recently."

The art of political euphemism

The Financial Times

describes Stephen Bannon, the executive chairman of Breitbart News - a politically conservative American news website - who has been appointed as Donald Trump's White House chief strategist, as an ethno-nationalist. The thrust of that ideology is, according to Wikipedia, that "nations are defined by a shared heritage, which usually includes a common language, a common faith, and a common ethnic ancestry". So a synonym would be ...

Real advice sought; honest answers given



"I just received an invitation for a 'Father-To-Be' shower for a friend who will be a first-time dad. The mother-to-be is hosting the party, and she has three children from two previous relationships. Is this a new thing? Showers for men? I have absolutely no intention of going unless you tell me I am wrong."

A: The Bad Adviser responds: "The idea that men ought to have any involvement with the production of children that extends beyond their genetic contribution is distasteful in the extreme. Is there anything more foul than the scoundrel who takes an interest in the rearing of his offspring?" (Source:

Celebrity status let-down

The day I realised I am not young anymore? Garth Ware shares his epiphany on "I was in a hotel elevator and an attractive young woman got in also. She glanced at me, and then looked at me intensely and said, 'Wow, you look just like a guy I saw in a movie recently!' I was inwardly a little flattered; I've never been mistaken for a celebrity before. I said, 'Really? What movie?' 'The Little Prince,' she said. 'Isn't that an animated movie?' I said, puzzled. She didn't answer me directly, but said, 'It's really good. You should see it. You look just like him.' I googled it later. The guy in this image was the guy she was talking about ..."

When your art teacher says you have two minutes left to complete the drawing exam.
When your art teacher says you have two minutes left to complete the drawing exam.


Seven ex-"trolley dollies" recall exacting beauty regimes, controversial uniform changes, and the job's unspoken insinuation of sexual availability.


Video: If you're like me and your understanding about the depth of the ocean is limited to the scene in Finding Nemo with those crazy fish with lights on their heads, be sure to watch this edifying clip. It's true. The Ocean really is way, way deeper than you think...

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