Most of the writers of opinion pieces expressing horror at the outcome of the US elections would do us all a favour if they concentrated their investigative abilities on trying to work out why we got the result they don't like.

It isn't that difficult because the evidence is clearly there to see in just about every so-called country of the free world including our own. The seeds of the ruling class' own destruction are waiting for the ultimate misstep.The only way to avoid what happened to the Democrats is to do what you promised to do. It is that simple.

The problem for many of Trump's critics is that they continue to point the finger at him personally because he is such a soft and convenient target when in fact he only represents the failure of the whole elitist system that they themselves championed with their election of Obama eight years ago.

I invite you to reflect on the promises made to so many desperate groups who believed the rhetoric then and turned Obama's elevation to the White House into something approaching the "Second Coming".


Virtually all forms of the media throughout the world coupled with the social and intellectual elite need look no further than their own inability to recognise the tidal wave that was about to swamp the swamp.

The only difference between this movement and other major revolutions in history is that, thankfully, this one was peaceful.

However, it may not remain so if those who voted for change in such large numbers don't receive some relief sooner rather than later. I'm sure Trump's advisers are well aware of their responsibilities to act with decisiveness and compassion before it is too late.

Those who want to blame Trump the man for this turnaround should take a long, hard look at themselves and acknowledge a few home truths.

Hillary Clinton wasn't the only flawed politician who offered nothing to these disaffected communities. Obama himself was found out as being the hollow man who could talk a lot. History will not judge him well because of his own ineptitude.

Probably, the truth behind their combined failure has more to do with the fact that there were no workable plans behind the euphoria of 2008 that had anything like the capacity for the change that was needed then.

I also doubt that they had any intention of making good the promises they so readily made in order to gain office. They changed nothing for the good.

If they had, we would not be looking at a President-elect Trump that so many find so utterly distasteful.

Trump's amazing success has its roots in the wholesale rejection of the Obama Administration's contemptuous treatment of its own people.

When you're desperate, you will vote for anything that offers more promise than what you've been used to for far too long. Loyalty becomes irrelevant.

If we're honest, faced with the same circumstances, we would have done exactly the same thing.

Clive Bibby is a fourth- generation member of a well-known CHB farming family who has been farming at Tolaga Bay on the East Coast since 1980.