There was much talk in the Washington beltway a couple of months ago that there were only two ways Donald Trump could win the Presidency in November.

Hillary Clinton having a heart attack or a terrorist attack.

Clinton's looking the picture of health and is likely to last the distance and even though the beltway talk was about an attack in the United States, that's not about to stop Trump from trumpeting his anti Muslim rhetoric as he did after last Friday's truck attack in Nice.

It's played right into his hands.

Within an hour of it Trump was swiping his smart phone, which in his hands is a bit of a misnomer, asking when will we learn and warning, it's only going to get worse.

He was back on his bandwagon of closing the immigration gates to Muslims which to the great, frightened unwashed sounds good but in reality would be impossible to execute. How would you know what religion a person is when they cross the border, and if they were intent on sabotage, they're hardly likely to declare their so called Islamic beliefs?

And the fact is that the vast majority of Muslims are God faring, law abiding people, tainted by a few DIY terrorists in their name. They're do-it-yourself because many of them learn their hatred on the Internet and carry out their deadly attacks laying claim to some deeply held ideology when, if tested, would more than likely fall well short of any understanding of the Koran.

But within a few hours of Trump's first tweet almost 30 million people had liked it which just goes to show there's a growing constituency for tough talk with the presidential hopeful even acknowledging his non politically correct statements are loved by a lot of people.

And the macho meter registers with Trump. He challenged Barak Obama to use the term "radical Islamic terrorism," as if it would make any difference.

But it obviously got Hillary Clinton's heart skipping a beat, realising that her opponent was again stealing the march, she uncharacteristically called it a radical jihadist attack. Of course neither of them knew what was behind the attack.

Clinton went further though, firing a broadside at her boss Obama, saying Washington has to do more to understand that this is a war against terrorist groups.

In fact it's a war against nutters, misguided people with little regard for their fellow human beings who in reality are impossible to stop once their mind's set.