I have to confess, I didn't see Joe Biden coming- not that he's officially announced a run for the White House... but there is growing talk.

The talk comes from those who don't like the thought that Hilary gets a free run or indeed that Hilary might actually get to be president.

But I did see Donald Trump coming and tomorrow night and he along with nine of the other Republican hopefuls will take the stage in the first of the debates.

It'll be fascinating to see how they go given ten is a lot of people to wrangle.


I wrangled eight of the minor party leaders this past election and believe me... they're working hard.

In many respects Donald has nothing to lose, which in part is why he's doing so well so far...

He can lay charge after charge, one liner after another one liner, barb after barb at all his opponents because he's not one of them.

He's not in office, hasn't run for office and has not made any political decisions or mistakes- and that is why he's winning.

It's a simple narrative that says his fellow contenders are losers and sell outs. They don't do deals-they get nothing done.

Washington is broken and the world doesn't like America. There is a large group of Americans that just sit there and go "You know what? He's right".

It has got to be killing the others because every one of the major players has baggage.

Also every one of the major players probably knows that Trump won't go all the way and when he does bow out- he's going to direct his support base in a certain direction and by the time that happens, each and every one of them is going to be desperate for his endorsement.


He is for now as they say 'In the box seat'.

But back to Biden, if he's running because the Democrats need an alternative- he's not much of an option. He's got an Al Gore/ Dan Quayle sort of thing about him- probably suited to a role standing in the background not causing a lot of trouble.

Don McKinnon though I always thought was our version of an excellent Vice President.

So the risk they run if he runs, is he makes no difference and in doing so nothing ends up being a laughing stock, which is something I assume he's working through, given he's old and presumably wants his reputation intact or he runs and gets traction and suddenly the whole Hillary Bandwagon First Woman President goes pear shaped.

If this happens it'll get ugly, given things got pretty down and dirty last time for her against Obama - and this surely would be her final go.

Either way for train spotters like, this is awesome!