The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a proposed regional free-trade agreement featuring 12 countries from the Asia Pacific region.

Other countries include; Japan, Australia, Mexico, Canada and the United States.

Trade Minister Tim Groser says it looks like the agreement will be signed early 2015. Groser stressed that the agreement will be open to debate once the deal was agreed upon, and that the sticking points were around agriculture.

"The really sensitive issue is agriculture market access, and once again New Zealand, because of the nature of our competitive economy and we are a little super power in world agriculture, we are the centre of the maelstrom around that," said Mr Grosser.


Earlier this month, groups against the TPP protested around the country, claiming it would give large corporations the ability to sue the NZ government, it would lead to toughened copyright laws and restrictions, ban parallel importing, lead to more expensive medicines, and loosen restrictions on foreign investment.

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