It seems like a bit of a strange time-warp, that in the same week young lads One Direction are releasing their third album Midnight Memories, veteran boy-band Boyzone are releasing a new album marking 20 years together - BZ20.

Not only can I foresee a battle for the No. 1 album chart spot, but a battle for the attentions of consumers looking for the ultimate boy-band Christmas gift.

"Which one is better?!" I hear you gasp.

Well, it's a tough question, so to help us all along, I thought I would construct a little questionnaire to find out which album best suits your tastes.


When watching TV shows such as X Factor, who are you most interested in?
A. The judges (like Ronan Keating). Their mentoring is what makes the stars shine.

B. The groups and/or the boys. It's hard to tear your eyes away from their exuberant enthusiasm and cheeky smiles.

How do you prefer to see your favourite pop stars attired?
A. Suits and tuxedos please. Maybe gold lame pants on special occasions, and the occasional leather jacket.

B. Ironic T-shirts, jeans, maybe a blazer. The boy next door look, but with exceptionally coiffed hair, or novelty hats. And occasional leather jackets are permitted.

When choosing a drinking establishment, do you go for?
A. The pub with plenty of history, comforting and faded.

B. The club which is happy to let in underage patrons, with a disco ball.

Which best describes your perfect Saturday night?
A. "Light up the night and burn forever young."

B. "Dance all the night to the best song ever."

When it comes to directions, which best describes your approach?
A. "We choose the road we shouldn't take."

B. "Don't know where I'm going, but I'm finding my way."

Your favourite songs are usually about:
A. Love saving the day, overcoming challenges, remembering who you are, celebrating the good times.

B. Love saving the day, overcoming challenges, remembering who you are, celebrating the good times.

Ah, see now my column A and column B have gotten a little confused. Darn.

They might be 20 years apart on the surface, but the thing is, when you get down to the nitty gritty of boy-band songs, there is a time honoured tradition of treading over the same sentiments - that's what people want after all.

So young Directioners might actually find plenty to love on BZ20, and the parents who have steadfastly stuck with Boyzone all these years could potentially find themselves singing along to Midnight Memories.

This Christmas, the boy-band fans can all be united.

Just like Doctor Who fans were last weekend.

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- TimeOut