Would you like to do any of these things in your business?

* Attract a massive audience of ideal prospects for your business
* Gain instant credibility and expert status in your industry
* Get huge amounts of positive publicity

If you answered 'yes' then a MEBB could be worth considering.
MEBB means a 'Multi Expert Business Booster.'

A Multi Expert Business Booster is where you get a number of recognised experts to share some of their most helpful ideas.


And these experts give you their permission to use their helpful ideas in marketing your business.

Here are two real world examples to show you how well a MEBB can work...

1 - 'The Unfair Business Advantage Report'

In early 2011, I decided I wanted to create a large database of business owners who were interested in improving their marketing results. This would give me a wonderful audience of ideal prospects that I could then communicate with on a regular basis.

I decided a MEBB was the perfect way to do this.

So I approached a number of the most well-known sales and marketing experts in the world. I invited each expert to share their single best strategy that a business person could use to boost sales, increase profits and give their business an 'Unfair Marketing Advantage.'

Over 30 experts generously agreed to do this for me and the end result was my 396 page Ebook 'The Unfair Business Advantage Report'.

Fast forward to June 2013 and I now have business owners in over 27 countries who have registered for this Ebook.

My email list of potential clients grows nicely every week.

And a large portion of my business each month now comes from this list of people.

This one MEBB has worked extremely well for me.

2 - 'The Ultimate Health and Wellness Guide'

I have a client who is a nutritional supplement manufacturer.

They want to build a huge list of health conscious people around the world that they can communicate with on a regular basis. And they want a huge amount of positive publicity for their nutritional supplement business at the same time.

I decided a MEBB was the ideal way to accomplish these goals.

So I invited a number of health and fitness experts around the world to each share their best strategies for helping people to enjoy remarkable health, boundless energy, amazing fitness and a delightfully positive attitude.

The end result is over 100 experts generously shared their best tips and ideas.

These experts included doctors, brain scientists, world champion athletes, best-selling authors, personal trainers, yoga teachers, naturopaths and many others.

We've put all their ideas into a wonderful eBook called 'The Ultimate Health and Wellness Guide' and it will be available soon at no charge from my client's website.

A huge number of the experts who contributed to this guide have also offered to recommend it to their own clients and contacts as well.

I expect my client to quickly build a massive list of thousands of health conscious readers how are keen to read the helpful ideas these experts have shared.

And they will enjoy a massive amount of positive publicity at the same time.

How do you create a MEBB?

First of all need to choose the right topic.

For my business this was 'how to create an unfair business advantage.'
You then reach out to recognised experts and invite them to contribute some helpful ideas on this topic. (When you do this properly, you'll be surprised at how many say will actually say 'yes'.)

Then use the completed MEBB in marketing your business.

'Information is power, particularly when the competition ignores the opportunity to do the same.' Mark Cuban
Action Step:
Could creating a MEBB be useful for your business? If yes, pick a great topic or theme. Then identify the experts that would be perfect to share helpful ideas on this topic. Contact these experts and make it easy for them to say 'yes' to helping you.