Car valet and eternal gratitude for Orakei Basin dog saviour

Anita from Remuera writes: "On Sunday afternoon I was walking my dog down Lucerne Rd, for a run and swim in the Orakei Basin. Suddenly, a huge bull mastiff appeared and lunged into my dog's chest. My dog yelped with pain as the mastiff swung her into the air. The mastiff then dropped her, and took to her haunches. A man driving past saw what was happening and turned his car around, jumped out and lunged himself on to the back of the bull mastiff, holding it between his legs. Another car stopped, and the lady kindly rang the police, and animal control. Having secured the mastiff to a tree, the gentleman then drove me (and my wounded dog) home. I wish to thank most sincerely these two passers-by. It fills me with terror to think what would have been the outcome without their help. If you would like to let Sideswipe know who you are we would happily pay for a car valet to clean the dog's blood from the back seat of your car."

Jack was always a goner, despite what Mythbusters says
Fifteen years after James Cameron's Titanic was released, the internet began to question why Jack died instead of climbing on to the floating piece of wood with Rose, which looked big enough for both of them. Cameron explained it was a matter of buoyancy. Now television show Mythbusters put it to the test and concluded both Jack and Rose could have survived hypothermia just long enough to be rescued if only they'd thought to tie Rose's lifejacket underneath the board to help with its buoyancy. Otherwise, the weight of both their bodies would have sunk the board low enough in the freezing water that they both would have died. Cameron, who appeared on the show, said: "I think you guys are missing the point here. The script says Jack died. He has to die. So maybe we screwed up and the board should have been a little tiny bit smaller, but the dude's goin' down." Because that's how fiction works.

Super producer mum gives milk away
A Nebraska mother Andrea Kirby had decided to give away her stored-up breast milk to a family in greater need. She had amassed a freezer-full of 166.5ltr for her now-8-month-old child.


New words
Sageism: Discrimination based on a person's gender and age, particularly discrimination against older women. [Sexism + ageism.]

Baby-lag: Extreme fatigue and disorientation due to the sleep deprivation associated with parenting a baby.

Selfie: A photographic self-portrait, particularly one taken with the intent of posting it to a social network.