Magnificent footage of a train ploughing though deep snow at Arthur's Pass yesterday and

by the guru of such things, Mr Geoff Mackley.

Books: Pop Up Book of Phobias (The Pop Up Book of Sex, although NSFW, would make a nice cheeky wedding/anniversary present!)


Picture this: A wider view of a very famous picture... I'm speechless.

Music: A close up look at vocal chords singing...Ewww!

Wellbeing: Take a deep breath everyone because it's time to calm-the-f**k down at <> (warning: may involve copious running water)

Infographic: The T-shirt Culture Index will tell you which consumer stereotype are you?
Video: Resetting your password can be infuriating.
Video: Those shock absorbers need a tweak...
News: This truck driver shows how the window side of his face, which was exposed to the elements, aged faster than the other side of his face.

Do-gooding: At the end of the month I am sleeping rough in Auckland's CBD (with just a sleeping bag, pillow and a sheet of cardboard) as part of the Lifewise Big Sleepout - a fundraiser for the homeless that really asks participants live it, rather than just talk about it. At least for one night. Please sponsor me by going here.

Video: Our favourite version of John Key addresses the issue of eda-cation head on...