What sort of extras come with their pizzas?

Tipping pressure abhorrent

"Tipping is something freely given, certainly not asked for by staff. I often tip bar staff for great and patient service when dealing with drunkards all night, but I think it is disgusting that some restaurants have eftpos machines that ask if you wish to add a tip before you get to paying the bill."

Pain in the gut


British researchers have found that gut feeling can override rational thought when people are faced with financial offers that look unfair.

Environmental before her time

A reader remembers her Scottish grandmother washing cling film. "She thought it such a waste to throw it away. She'd dip it in the sink, wipe it with the cloth and then spread it out and stick it to the wall to dry."

Sauce savings

Amber says her mother, a nurse, hates waste. "When the tomato sauce bottle is nearly empty, and the dregs are defying gravity, she will saw the bottle in half and use a plastic syringe to suck up the leftover sauce. She then leaves it in a mug to use before she will buy more."

Spring-loaded dangers

In response to Cameron's moan about posties not inserting his mail into his spring-loaded flap letterbox. A postie writes: "The reason we don't put your letters fully in is because we have to push our fingers in to get the mail in the box. Not only is this extremely inconvenient (try using a piece of paper to open the flap on your letterbox on a moving bicycle, if you're expected to deliver mail to over 1000 houses in a day within a certain time restriction). When a flap spring is too strong the flap can snap shut and 'deglove' (remove all the flesh from your bone) your finger. Yes, apparently this has at least partially happened. I'm sure you wouldn't like the result turning up with your bank statement."