Angela came home from work on Tuesday to find this clump of human hair on her lounge floor. "The pile is about 30cm wide and I'm at a loss as to where it's come from," she writes. "Guess my cats must have brought it in, but how they got it through the cat door and into the lounge (8m away) is a mystery. Anyone in Campbells Bay had a haircut recently and wondering what happened to the off-cuts?"

Swimming with the fishes

Eternal Reefs is a US company offering to turn the ashes of clients' loved one into a concrete artificial coral reef. Families can attend the casting of the reef-component, put their handprints in it, view the finished item, and accompany the reef to the drop-site. says its Mariner Memorial Reef attracts the larger species of sea life. "The Mariner can accommodate up to four sets of remains and is frequently used for spouses or partners to be together." Included in the $6995 price is a bronze plaque and a GPS survey to record the longitude and latitude of the site. (Source:

Name your enemies


You might think social media are vindictive enough places already, but a University of Texas group has created EnemyGraph, a plug-in for Facebook, which allows users to name their enemies, which show up in their profiles. "We're using 'enemy' in the same loose way that Facebook uses 'friends'," explains creator Dean Terry. Terry has 'enemied' the band Journey, public speaker Deepak Chopra and the colour red.

New take on anger management

A Dallas woman has started a business to help people purge their anger by smashing things - in an office, a kitchen or a living room. For $25 for five minutes, Anger Room customers can smash television sets, throw printers against the wall or shoulder-charge a mannequin and otherwise let rip.

Hangman better than cartoons

To the guy watching someone else's child play hangman on the Qantas flight: "We flew back from Japan several weeks ago and my 6-year-old was engrossed in the game. I was more impressed that she picked up how to spell some of the long words. She played for hours and managed to get some long words spelt correctly. Better than mind-numbing cartoons."

All hung up

"Sorry to nit-pick," says Chris. "But the cowboy in the hangman game was hanged, not hung, no matter how well hung he may have been."