According to one journalist this would be "The Most Annoying Tweet Imaginable": "BREAKING: Last week I had a #sandwich that was SO HORRIBLE, it made me want to #scream. Seriously, why can't they make better #sandwiches?" Megan Garber of the Atlantic read a new study to find out what to do - and more importantly what not to - and then composed this tweet. Overly long tweets which use too many #hashtags and are too personal and mundane and a bit whiny make the worst tweets, according to her research. Twitter has evolved - it is, in effect, a "real-time newswire", and it's not as easy as tweeting your lunch. Good tweets are "informative and funny".

Off-leash and on the road
Brent writes: "ACC are asking people for submissions on the new bylaw for dogs. I don't think it will make much difference to their thought processes, judging by the way they've set up Heron Park in Avondale. Last year the 'dumb-ideas-department' decided to put the off-leash area for dogs beside one of the busiest roads in Auckland with no fencing and have a children's playground right in the middle of it. There is a ton of room down the back for an off-leash area, but it seems that the birds and the fish weren't happy about it ... Consequently the number of people with dogs going to Heron Park have dropped off dramatically."

Tenderfoots on the black sand
Things tourists believe ... "While having a swim at Piha once, I encountered a busload of elderly American tourists as I was leaving. I told them there was a council bylaw that prohibited the wearing of shoes on the beach. Although they were initially sceptical, I managed to convince them. I left the group as they were sitting down, taking off their sneakers, sandals and socks, confident in the knowledge that their feet would thank them for the experience they were about to have."

Whiskers for wigs
Things gullible friends believe ... "A friend of mine was at odds with the purpose (and function) of the cancer charity month November. According to her, she was told men grew moustaches in the month not so they could shave them off for a buck or two, but so that the cancer foundation could use the month-old hair to make wigs for chemotherapy patients!"