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reporter Kate Lynch did a story exploring how many items in our home are actually made in New Zealand. She tracked down a willing Auckland family and nosed around their home looking at where all their household tat was made. To further illustrate the point they sent the family away, hired a removal truck and loaded all the non kiwi made household goods into it - leaving a sparse house. Most of the family's belongings were not made here and neither was this


Close Up

story. Back in January ABC News ran a very similar story in the about products made in the US ... and as this compilation of the two stories shows Lynch borrowed not only the idea, but the entire script.

TVNZ has issued a statement in reply. Read it


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(wish kids were this easy).

Alasdair Thompson memorial link

The new "Got milk?" ads in the US reckon that milk eases PMT -"thus making your wife or girlfriend slightly less of a crazy, irrational bitch every month," says


That's damn interesting

How new ships are launched -


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the human race is getting shorter ... At that rate we'll be shearing mice and living under mushrooms!