I'm delighted to see that the New South Wales road and traffic authority has backed down over its ludicrous "please explain" letter to a Sydney lawyer, whose nickname Kiki is also the word for female genitalia in a Filipino language.

Kristen Perry was flabbergasted when she received a brusque letter from the authority earlier this week, asking her to explain her choice and show cause for her car's personalised number plate after a complaint was received.

Kristen, who's been called Kiki since birth, received the plates as a present from her husband and they adorned first her Mini and later her Porsche Cayenne proudly.

She was both amused and appalled by the letter, and went public with it.

The Porsche-driving, law-practising Kiki found herself overwhelmed with support.

Even the Filipino-Australian Society of the Hunter Valley joined the chorus and the authority backed down. As well they might. Anyone can read what they want to into any situation.

But the complaint was the scatalogical equivalent of finding the image of Jesus in a piece of toast.

What's needed in this world, where competing individual rights appear to have the same validity as the collective good, is a healthy administration of common sense.