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Mum's the word

Police responding to a report of a burglary in progress at a house in Bloomington, Illinois, found 21-year-old Christopher Kunder trying to get into his own house to surprise his mother, who didn't know he was on leave from military service in Afghanistan. The problem was that his mother was not home. They rang her and invited her to come home and check all was well after an "unsuccessful burglary". When Martha Sternickle arrived, she was led to the police car to identify the "suspect" in the back seat. A joyful reunion followed. (Source:


Bad weather ban


After months of no news in the newspapers, Fiji residents are now banned from getting reports of bad weather. "Drought reports and updates will only be issued by the National Disaster Management Office, reports the

Fiji Times

Online, following a directive to the Fiji Meteorology Service to stop issuing media statements on the current dry spell. Ministry of Works and Public Utilities head Colonel Timoci Natuva said the directive was intended to prevent any negative comments that would impact on the country's economy, particularly the tourism industry.

Tickety-boo boo

A reader writes: "It has now been two weeks since buying a ticket to the upcoming U2 concert and it's yet to appear in our mail box. On the other hand, the books ordered from the Book Depository at the same time have all arrived from the other side of the world and postage was free. What exactly was the $19 charged on top of the ticket price for?"

Contraction's OK

"So what's wrong with FRONT'S CROSSED NELSON?" asks a reader. "Surely

One News


was trying to tell us that 'the front has crossed Nelson'. This appears to be a straightforward case of contraction." Sideswipe apologises for the error.

Today's Webpick

: Kerre Woodham and Hori Ahipene hosted TV3s coverage of the 1998 Hero Parade - synchronised lawnmowers, Julian Clary and guys wearing Bill Ralston masks, why? Go

for a little Auckland nostalgia.

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