Brian Tamaki went on the front foot this week, in the wake of reports that a Destiny Church pastor and some parishioners had walked out of his Brisbane church in opposition to Tamaki's exhortations for his people to give more money.

The Treaty of Versailles Peace Treaty exhortation to squeeze the German lemon until the pips squeak comes to mind.

Tamaki, flanked by his little mini-me Richard Lewis, was unrepentant, saying that God didn't want him to be poor and that tithing was in the Bible. Case closed.

The Bible also says not to mix wool and linen clothing but Tamaki, being the sharp-dressed man that he is, would no doubt flout that one if Hugo Boss told him to.

No matter how we might snigger at the posturing and the pompadour and the whole venal self-serving schtick, Destiny church members choose to attend the services and the more people criticise their pastor, the more they close ranks.

The only way Destiny's walls will come down is when the attack comes from within the church. Maybe the schism in Brisbane is the first brick in the wall to be dislodged.