The following buildings in the Britomart precinct are registered in the Auckland City Operative District Plan (Central Area) as historic buildings:

1. Northern Steamship Co. Building, including annex, 120-124 Quay St.
The Northern Steamship Company was established on Thursday 12 May 1881. They opened the Northern Steamship Co. Building, 120-124 Quay St on 19 May 1899. The building cost £6,000 to construct and provided office space and stores. A third level to the building was added in 1921, which provided office space and a laundry.

2. A.H. Nathan Building, 40-46 Customs Street
The Nathan family was one of the first merchant families in New Zealand. They first established operations in the Bay of Islands. Arthur Hyam Nathan successfully bid at auction for the land, erecting the A.H. Nathan Building in 1903. The business sold a range of goods such as shirts, foodstuffs, clothing, guns and many other items of general merchandise. The business continued to expand, supplying coal to the American naval flotilla, and becoming the agent for the Columbia Gramophone Company. A new street façade was later added to the building to disguise the prosaic cart dock entrance.

3. Australis House, 36 – 38 Customs Street
Andrew Jack Entrican arrived in New Zealand in 1880 from the north of Ireland. Andrew and brother James established Messrs A.J. Entrican and Company, and successfully bid at auction for the land. The Australis House was erected in 1904 at a cost of £10,000. This building operated as a large warehouse for storage of goods and produce, and as a shop front for the company's customers. Andrew Entrican served several terms as a city councillor and was Auckland Deputy Mayor for 21 years.

4. Union Fish Company Building, 116 Quay St.

5. Wharf Police Station Building, 102 Quay St.

The following are other historic buildings on the Britomart site which will be restored as part of the development of the Britomart Precinct:

1. Barrington Building, 10 Customs St
2. Old Sofrana House, 14 Customs St
3. Levy Building, 20 Customs St
4. Excelsior House, 22 Customs St
5. Stanbeth House, 26 Customs St
6. Masonic House, Customs St
7. Buckland Building, 30 Customs St
8. Charter House, 54 Customs St
9. Kiwi Tavern, 3 Britomart Pl
10. Upper floors of the former Central Post Office
11. Altrans/Newdick House, 104 Quay St.
12. Quay Building, Quay St (between Altrans and Seafarers)