The old saying about youth being wasted on the young applies to most of us, but not Jenene Crossan. At 25 she has set up online magazine

and youth marketing consultancy 18 Ltd (which runs She also is heavily involved with youthline. Like her own creation, Crossan is unashamedly a commercial beast - not that there's anything wrong with that - and she's only just started her empire building.

BIO: Age: 25.

Status: Divorced and single.


Favourite NZ Film: Whale Rider.

Live NZ band/gig: Supergroove still hold a dear place in my heart. Education: Left school at 16.

How old is a girl?

Age is irrelevant; youth is an attitude. I believe I'll be 50 and still feel and act like a girl.

Don't you think it's a bit patronising?

It's worse to be called a lady. Girl has been reclaimed, it doesn't have that connotation in my mind.

Aside from the perms, how are contemporary girls different from their 80s counterparts?

They're not, they just dress a bit better.

Are you a yuppie?

Um, no ... But I like all things shiny and new - I'm the hell consumer. I suppose the answer is yes then.

Do you have any political aspirations?

If it wasn't for all the in-house fighting and the games they play, not to mention poor pay, I'd definitely be keen to get in there. ...

Dalziel earned nearly $200,000 a year, is that too shabby?

Compared to the corporate market for the time and effort, she'd be on double.

Guess I should raise my salary expectations. Are you a girly-girl?

Absolutely, I love clothes and make-up and girly chats over vino. But I'm also a right tom-boy who grew up with five brothers.

What should happen in the last episode of Sex in the City?

Carrie has her shoe collection stolen, Miranda becomes a lesbian and takes Arnold Schwarzenegger to court for the right to marry her lover in California. Samantha finds herself starring in an online porn movie (a la Paris Hilton), Charlotte marries Mr Big and realises he's in fact Mr Small.

What's the real problem with men?

I love men - they are so different to women and I find it fascinating.

Is that a cop out?

Yeah it is. I guess you can't lump them altogether. I'm the least judgmental person I know.

Paparazzo-boy Jonathan Marshall used to work for you. What did you think of his Metro-oric rise?

The story in Metro was very ironic. Having the cover shot Jonathan in the car with Pat Rippin, and then Pat saying at the end of the story: " If I thought I was being taken for a ride ... "

What is the worst current fashion dysfunction?

Girls who wear high heels to Groove in the Park.

What's the No 1 issue for youth?

The societal pressure to go to university for the status and get into debt is generating stress amongst the youth of NZ today. And body image - predominantly in females, with an increase of pop culture and media consumption - but it is now starting to impact males.

What turns our youth off?

Anything that doesn't have credibility or authenticity. Like Britney Spears. She's a slick package in the US but, here, as soon as she opens her mouth she loses cred.