The finale of the American reality show Joe Millionaire attracted almost half a million New Zealanders to see the supposedly fairytale ending to the series.

The show, about a construction worker who pretends he's worth US$50 million while 20 women compete for his affections, attracted 40 million American viewers, 33 million more than tuned in to see the documentary Living with Michael Jackson.

But in reality - the non-television kind - winner Zora Andrich and "Joe", Evan Marriott, aren't together any more. The 30-year-old former substitute teacher has said it's over between them, despite the couple being given US$1 million ($1.75 million) as a "surprise" prize in Tuesday night's show.

"He's so caught up in everything," Andrich told an American magazine. "I'd rather be with a construction worker than with someone who craves the spotlight like that."

Andrich said she has yet to receive her half of the $1 million.

Once she got the money, she said, "I'm going to help relatives in Serbia get medical care."

An "aftermath" episode of Joe Millionaire screens next Tuesday on TV3.