A convicted murderer managed to give two Corrections officers the slip - despite being handcuffed to one of them.

Karina Epiha escaped from custody in the early hours of Friday morning and has been on the run since.

The 22-year-old was last spotted running towards Gray Ave in Mangere just after 12.30pm.

Lynette Cave, Department of Corrections Regional Commissioner, said Epiha managed to escape while she was being returned to prison from Middlemore Hospital.


"The prisoner required off-site medical treatment for an injury that could not be carried out at the prison," she said in a statement.

"She was accompanied by two Corrections Officers. The prisoner was handcuffed to one of those Corrections Officers."

Police were called immediately and have been actively searching for her since then, Cave said.

"A full operational review into the circumstances of the incident is being carried out," Cave said.

The Department of Corrections was unable to provide further information on the escape as the review was ongoing, she said.

Police are appealing to the public for any sighting of Epiha and are warning anyone helping her avoid police that they could be prosecuted.

Officers searched a number of addresses and have undertaken a significant number of inquiries over the weekend but have not yet tracked her down.

"Epiha is a dangerous individual and police want to reassure the community that we are doing everything possible to locate her," police said yesterday.

Epiha has large distinctive tattoos on both sides of her face and information about her whereabouts will be treated in strict confidence.


Anyone who see or who has information on Epiha should contact 111 immediately and not approach her.

Epiha was convicted of fatally stabbing 32-year-old mother Alicia Maree Nathan, also known as Robinson, and threatening to kill another woman at an Avonhead property in August 2017.

She is likely to be charged with escaping from custody, which can result in a maximum sentence of five years' imprisonment, Cave said.