A man who sexually assaulted several young boys has been released on parole - despite still being deemed at high risk of reoffending.

Aaron Paul Laurence, 46, was serving a sentence of 12 years and nine months' imprisonment for 65 offences against his young victims.

The convictions include unlawful sexual connection, indecent assault, and possession of objectionable publications, and range from 1999 to 2011.

Laurence offended against several boys, some as young as 8, by befriending them and luring them to his home for video games.


He gave the victims rewards by way of food, cigarettes, and cannabis.

"They were then abused and the results recorded on video and promulgated. He was found to be in possession of some 31,000 objectionable images," the decision by the Parole Board said.

Laurence has completed the Kia Marama Child Sex Offender Programme with "good engagement", but is still assessed by a psychologist as being "high risk", the decision said.

"For this reason, he was not seeking parole when last before the board in August of 2019, and carried on with some further work with the graduate group."

But Laurence has now successfully applied for parole after presenting a "sound release plan".

"We feel reasonably confident that this release arrangement will maintain support and surveillance of his progress on release, which justifies parole now being granted."

Laurence was released on September 1, with parole conditions in place until late April 2024, which is the date his prison sentence was due to end.

The conditions include living at a house approved by probation, being electronically monitored, not to enter or loiter anywhere that children under 16 are congregating unless with the approval of probation, and not to enter Taranaki or Nelson without approval.


He must also attend assessments, cannot use or possess any drugs or alcohol, and must not have any electronic device capable of "accessing internet or capturing, storing, accessing or distributing images", without probation approval.

He is also forbidden from contacting or associating with children under 16 without prior approval.

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